Rural BC Liquor Licensees & Consumers Suffer Under Inconsistent BCLDB Policies

How would you feel if you had to drive 170 km for a case of beer? This is the case for the residents of Manson Creek, an isolated town north of Prince George. In winter months driving in this area can be treacherous. In small BC towns, it’s vital that residents have easy access to public amenities, yet, for apparently no good reason, BCLDB (BC Liquor Distribution Branch) denied Manson Creek’s only would-be rural store a BC liquor license.

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB) should, in this case, change its name to the BC Liquor “Non-Distribution” Branch. The purpose of the BCLDB is to provide for the distribution and retail sale of liquor products throughout the entire province of British Columbia. In small and remote communities where it doesn’t make economic sense to operate a full BC liquor store, the BCLDB can issue a Rural Agency Store appointment to a full-service grocery or general store in the community. Read more