Rising Tide Consultants is very pleased to announce another successful liquor licensed event in BC. This year’s Center of Gravity, Canada’s Hottest Beach Festival, took place in Kelowna on August 2 – 4. Proceeds from the event went to KBAAD (K Billie Artist and Athlete Development) who is committed to exposing new fresh artistic and athletic talent.

This year’s event was a great success and our President, Bert Hick, was actively involved in the liquor licensing of the event from start to successful finish. Working with ICM Security and the professional bar staff managed by Tyler Trones and Nick Lucier, both were present on site at the event over the weekend, working in the beer gardens training and overseeing the beer garden employees on correct ID’ing and search and seizure procedures. They were also present to monitor consumption to make sure that everyone was playing within their limits.

The initial stages of planning the event involved meeting with various local government agencies including the parks board, local police, the fire department, and local liquor inspectors to ensure that the event was not only great fun for all of the participants and attendees, but also a safe and incident free event. The hard work paid off, as the event went off without a hitch, and everyone had an amazing time!

The event took place over a period of three days. The event features various sporting competitions during the day, such as Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Wakeboarding, FMX, Freestyle Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, and BMX. Music was the biggest attraction with three stages featuring the highest level of music production in Kelowna made for a massive dance party weekend. The event had approximately 8000 people in attendance and had a beer garden that held 1700 people. Due to the popularity of the beer garden it was necessary to make some logistical adjustments on day 2 of the event. RisingTide was on site to offer insight on the logistics of managing 1700 people into a beer garden, with all ID’s checked, and free on contraband. The adjustments which were made on Day 2 made for a dramatic increase of 62% in attendance from the operations of the beer garden.

Rising Tide is looking forward to working with WetApe Productions and KBAAD on next year’s liquor licensed event in BC!

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