We are very pleased that the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch is moving forward on a significant policy change regarding BC Special Event Permits (formerly Special Occasion Licenses). This class of license is used to license music festivals and cultural events.

The old policy was that if an applicant for an SEP wanted to charge more than the liquor cost recovery price then 100% of the profits, from the entire event, had to go to the charity that was benefiting from the event.

The proposed new policy will give the Liquor Branch some discretion to exempt some events from this requirement where the event is deemed to be of municipal, provincial, national or international significance. Therefore, this will help some major music and community events be more viable.

View the discussion paper (PDF) the branch has issued on this change. If you have an opinion please submit it to the Liquor Branch. If you would like more information, please contact Rising Tide Consultants at 604-669-2928.

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