Up until now the British Columbia Liquor Control and Licensing Branch has allowed liquor suppliers to loan branded promotional items to BC liquor licensees, such as signs, end aisle displays, and patio set ups. The policy in effect prohibits the licensee from accepting promotional items that are deemed necessary for the operation of the establishment such as refrigerators, furniture or fixtures.

Effective immediately, the policy has been clarified to permit liquor suppliers to provide BC liquor stores and wine stores with branded refrigerators under the following conditions:

  • Ownership of the refrigerator is retained by the liquor supplier
  • A liquor supplier does not pay for any installation or maintenance cost
  • A liquor supplier may not provide more than two refrigerators to any one store
  • A liquor store or wine store may not have more than 4 liquor supplier-provided refrigerators in their store
  • A refrigerator provided by a liquor supplier may not be more than 19 cubic feet

For more information on this clarification of policy see http://www.pssg.gov.bc.ca/lclb/docs-forms/policy-directive-2015-10.pdf. Request our Liquor Licensing Policies and Procedures Manual.

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