Vancouver City Council unanimously passed a proposal put forward by Mayor Gregor Robertson to allow patios to expand their hours of operation past 11pm in the City of Vancouver. Rising Tide Consultants can help liquor licensees with patios, participate in the relaxed regulation by applying for consideration in extending their hours. The City will look at each application on a case by case basis. For the preliminary stages it is likely that City will approve establishments with track records of good behaviour who are in downtown areas away from residential neighbours.

“I would love to see hours extended this summer for good operators, where they’re respecting the neighbourhood, or not impacting the neighbourhood at all, and can stay open a little later,” said Mayor Gregor Robertson, who introduced the motion. “Right now it’s an 11 p.m. shutdown. There’s an immediate step that could happen with our successful patios.”

A Facebook poll created by the mayor’s office asked for feedback from Vancouverites on the possibility of extending patio hours past 11pm. The results were overwhelmingly in favour the extended patio hours. 96% of the respondents were in favour of the extended liquor licensed patios, while 1.6% were opposed, the remainder wanted additional information before responding.

During the 2010 Olympics patio hours were extended to 1 a.m. “We did extend hours for everyone a few years ago, but that’s a lengthier council process, changing regulation,” Robertson said. “The short-term step is looking at what we can do this summer for good operators to extend their space or hours and enable more patio use.”

This relaxation of policy for the City of Vancouver is in the progress now and Rising Tide Consultants will be working with licensees in the City of Vancouver. For more information on the City of Vancouver Patio Hours, and British Columbia’s Liquor Review continue to read the NEWS section of our website.

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