Farmers Markets and Serving It Right update- Liquor Control and Licensing Branch announces implementation of two new Liquor Policy Review items:

1. Farmers markets are allowed to sell liquor within an event-oriented liquor primary establishment such as an arena or stadium. Previous policy stated these licensees had to “de-license” prior to allowing another licensee to use the establishment to serve liquor. Today’s policy announcement removes this rule and no longer requires the licensee to “de-licence” prior to allowing a manufacturer with the farmers market authorization to sell liquor. Connect here to read more about the farmers market Liquor Policy Review update.

2. Amendments to the Serving It Right (SIR) requirements and the addition of a new Special Event Server certification. Currently British Columbia has a self directed SIR training course that licensees, managers and servers must obtain to work in a licensed establishment. The new SIR training requirements will provide consistency so that all licensed establishments that sell directly to the public are subject to the same SIR training requirements. The new Special Event Server training program for special occasion events is expected to launch in June 2015, with a training requirement deadline by September 2015. This new program will ensure all servers at Special Occasion Events receive training and ensure there are no exemptions. Connect here to read more about the SIR Liquor Policy Review update

If you have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to contact Rising Tide Consultants 604-669-2928.

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