Liquor Licensing

The process of liquor licensing can be lengthy and confusing. We provide expert advice and guidance on licensing issues, and assist businesses across Canada, applying for a new licence or making changes to an existing licence. RTC will help you minimize risks and plan the right strategic steps for properly completing your liquor licence application for the following:


  • Food primary: A licensed establishment where the service of food is the primary focus of the business.
  • Liquor primary: A business that sells liquor for on-site consumption (ie. bars, as well as stadiums, theatres, aircraft, etc.).
  • Manufacturer: A business who manufactures liquor products (ie. beer, wine, spirits, cider and coolers).
  • Agent: A person or business that represents a manufacturer of liquor located outside the province.
  • Tied house: An establishment that has an association, with a liquor manufacturer or agent that is likely to lead to its products being favoured for sale. (ie. Brewery and restaurant owned by same licensee will want to promote their own products.)


We also provide services on the following changes to a license:


  • Structural change: Making changes to the currently approved floor plan, other than cosmetic changes, a structural change application is required. (ie. addition of a patio)
  • Permanent Changes:Changes to Establishment Name, Change of Hours, Patron Participation Entertainment endorsements, Adding Licensee Representatives and Third-Party Operators.
  • Temporary Changes:Extensions to a licensed area, extension of hours, location changes and temporary suspension of a licence.
  • Special Event Permits (SEP):Required for individuals, businesses or not-for-profit organizations who wish to host an event in a public place, such as family gatherings, private functions, community festivals and manufacturer tastings. The SEP allows a host to serve or sell liquor in accordance with BC’s liquor laws and regulations. Event hosts are considered liquor permittees and are responsible for the safety of their guests.
  • Other applications:Transfer of Ownership, Internal/External Share Transfers, Dormancy and Reinstatements.
  • Policy & Procedures manual©: A customized Policy & Procedures Manual will help you avoid licensee fines and suspensions. We work with you to design a manual that is specific to your business needs.