Whether you are a business seeking a BC liquor license, a manufacturer, brewer, or are considering hosting a special event where you want to serve alcohol, it’s important to understand the licensing process and your responsibilities under the law. Rising Tide Consultants is here to ensure that you understand and fulfill government requirements, thereby increasing your chances of a successful application.

While our BC liquor license consultants guide and act as a liaison for licensing applicants, we recommend becoming somewhat familiar with the complexities of liquor license applications by visiting the British Columbia Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (BCLCLB) web pages.

On January 23/2017, the new Liquor Control and Licensing Act came into force in BC with many changes that benefit BC businesses. Along with the attempt to modernize BC liquor laws, came extensive changes to the Liquor Control and Licensing website. The following overview will highlight some important information on the new web pages.

BC Liquor Licensing and Regulations Website

The new BC liquor licensing web pages have been moved to the Employment, Business & Economic Development section of the BC government website. Those of you who have visited the old Liquor Control Board web pages may be confused by the new look and the location of information. The old web pages used to part of the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General (PSSG) website. All PSSG pages have been moved to the main BC government website (along with other pages such as the Ministry of Justice).

The old home of BC liquor licensing – you should be automatically redirected if you found this page in Google search. If you are not redirected, click the link shown above to go the new BCLCLB web pages.

To find the new BCLCLB web pages from the main BC government website:

1. Visit: http://www2.gov.bc.ca/.

Finding the new BC Liquor Regulations & Licensing web pages.

2. Click open the main menu (1 above). Click the sub-menu item “Employment, Business & Economic Development” (2 above), and click the “Business” link in the right column of that page.

3. Click “Liquor Regulations & Licensing” in the Business section sub-menu.

BC Liquor Regulations & Licensing in sub-menu

Finding Information About Liquor Licenses in BC

Here is a quick guide to what you’ll find on the new BCLCLB web pages. For most people considering applying for a liquor license in BC, the following sections are most relevant:

A) Licenses & Permits Includes information about: applying for a liquor license in BC, criminal record checks, licensee representatives, renewing a license, relocation, changing a license, and license transfer. Note that manufacturers must also contact the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (in additional to completing an application) to ensure all BCLDB requirements are met.

Please note: all licensees now must obtain a criminal record check from their local policy authority prior to submitting an application. This is a new method for the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch to allow them to further streamline and expedite the licensing process.

View a list of all BC liquor license types.

B) Health, Safety, & Server Training Includes information about: responsible consumption, Serving it Right (a mandatory study program for all licensees, managers and servers other than special event servers), and Special Event Server (a mandatory study program for all special event holders, managers and servers).

Both Serving it Right and Special Event Server programs have dedicated websites:

C) Forms

Includes PDF guide and application forms for most types of BC liquor licenses.

Need a Liquor License in BC? Contact Rising Tide Consultants

Increase your chances of a successful BC liquor license application. Contact Rising Tide Consultants to arrange a consultation. We provide consultation services tailored to your needs – whether you own a liquor store, restaurant or pub, are opening an establishment and wish to serve alcohol, or are a liquor product manufacturer and/or agent, we can help.

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