Rising Tide Consultants has developed comprehensive Policy & Procedure Training Manuals which will help protect your liquor licensed establishment from costly fines and suspensions. In 2010 British Columbia’s Liquor Control & Licensing Branch began hiring minors to enter licensed establishments undercover with an undercover liquor inspector and attempt to purchase liquor. This program is referred to as “MAP” or “Minors as Agents Program”. Licensee’s who sell liquor to the undercover minor face heavy fines and possible suspension of their liquor licence. Recent case history has shown that licensee’s can fight the allegations with a defence of due diligence.

Rising Tide Consultants has developed various comprehensive training manual packages which will help licensee’s avoid costly fines and suspensions, and help defend against them if needed. The training manuals are custom made for your establishment and for each licensees individual needs. The training package is operationally focused and will cover day to day operations, employee management, liquor service training, and a full host of other topics which are essential to operating a licensed establishment. Part of the package includes a variety of templates which can be utilized to document and establish a history of your establishment abiding by liquor policies, including service to minors, intoxicated patrons, maintaining your licensed capacity, and more.

Please contact us to find out more information on how to protect your licensed establishment, and order your own Policy & Procedures Training Manual.

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