The Justice Ministry of British Columbia is now expanding its targets for the Minors as Agent Program (M.A.P) that was started three years ago. In 2010 the Liquor Control and Licensing Act, of British Columbia, was amended to allow a minor to be contracted by the Province of British Columbia to purchase liquor from liquor licensed establishment for the purpose of testing a licensee’s compliance with the Liquor Control and Licensing Act’s prohibition on supplying liquor to a minor. Since then a number of licensed establishments, such as liquor stores and pubs have been targeted and received $7500.00 fines, or suspensions.

Recently the Justice Ministry of British Columbia released information that the program would now be expanding to test the compliance of other venues, such as restaurants, Special Occasions Licensee’s, and Liquor Delivery Services. The typical scenario for a restaurant will be that a minor, who has been contracted as an agent by the Province of British Columbia, will enter the restaurant and order a meal and an alcoholic beverage. If that minor is served they will leave cash for the bill or just leave, which will signal the Liquor Inspector to come in and seize the alcohol, followed by a contravention notice and fine or suspension.

Rising Tide Consultants has developed a series of Policy & Procedure Training Manuals which will help prevent costly contravention notice fines and suspension. If licensees follow the training that is described in the manual and the documentation process, they will be able to combat against costly fines and costly suspensions. Licensees who fail to comply can have their license suspended for a minimum of 14 business days, but with Rising Tide training and Policy & Procedure Manuals, licensees will be in a position to fight these fines and suspensions.

Check out this interesting article that was in the 24 Hours Newspaper in Vancouver:

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