Join the Rising Tide Network!


Rising Tide has partnered with Matthew R. Greenwood of RE/MAX Commercial Advantage to offer real estate brokerage services to our clients who are looking to buy and sell liquor or cannabis retail locations as well as licenses. Through this partnership, we have become your "one-stop-shop" for any selling or acquisition of property you are considering.


RTC will continue to be involved in your transaction from a licensing perspective, ensuring that you achieve a successful sale and Matthew R. Greenwood will deliver the highest price for your asset through marketing on all available platforms. Your asset will be exposed to the Rising Tide network but can also be open to the general public as well. If confidentiality is top of mind, we will market your asset with a confidential address and once the interested party executes a Non-Disclosure Agreement, we can provide more details.


RE/MAX Commercial Advantage

501-889 W. Pender St,

Vancouver, BC V6C 3B2