Regulations generally leave it up to the licensee to ensure they are following responsible service of alcohol or recreational cannabis guidelines and it is imperative that these guidelines are met. RTC will travel across the country to undertake an audit of your existing policies and procedures to ensure you have the best defense of due diligence in cases of compliance or enforcement issues. ​


We then provide a comprehensive report detailing any inefficiencies found during the onsite visit and detail suggestions to resolve the potential issue accordingly.


Risk Management Services

Rising Tide maintains working relationships with insurance companies specializing in coverage for liquor or cannabis licensed establishments.


Compliance & Conflict Resolution

At RTC, we offer comprehensive Policy and Procedures or Standard Operating Procedures manuals, customized staff training programs and inspector mediation consultation, to confirm compliance with policy and regulation at all levels of government.


In the unfortunate event of a compliance and enforcement issue, we work in partnership with specialized legal counsel to assist with your Liquor and Cannabis Branch hearing process.


Policies & Procedures

Protecting your licensed business against contraventions has become imperative. RTC offers its clients in-depth knowledge of policies and will help train and guide your service staff with our customized comprehensive Policy and Procedures Manual© for liquor retail stores, food primary restaurants and liquor primary licensed establishments. ​


Licensees who are seeking “Due Diligence” proof to fight contravention notices, including service to minors, find these manuals vital to ongoing staff training and to show their commitment to follow all laws.


For more information or to purchase the RTC Policy and Procedure Manual© for your business, please Contact Us.


Audit & Advisory Services

A high number of applications submitted are deemed incomplete upon the first review. If this happens, your application is put at the “bottom of the pile” and the process starts over. Therefore, in addition to engaging us to handle all your liquor or recreational cannabis licensing needs, we also offer an application audit service. Before submission, we will review your existing application package and provide advice on what should be included to expedite consideration and streamline the approval.


Enforcement Audit

As a licensee, if your establishment receives a Notice of Enforcement Action (ie: over capacity or service to a minor), you must decide very quickly between acknowledging the Enforcement and paying the prescribed consequence OR challenging it.


Regardless of your choice, you must give serious consideration to the operational policy and procedural changes that need to be made as a result of the Enforcement Action. Rising Tide Consultants will provide you with guidance and advice on compliance and enforcement issues and recommendations on how to proceed through the proper course of advice to protect your business.