Beverage menu creation, food and wine pairing, and staff training are just a few of the new RTC services that aim to help establishments seamlessly raise the bar, from start to finish

VANCOUVER, SEPT. 17, 2018 — With the holiday season fast approaching, leading liquor licensing firm Rising Tide Consultants is pleased to launch its unique Beverage Service Program to help establishments raise the bar in terms of product selection, beverage menu creation and ultimately, customer experience.

“The program is really about ensuring that we have the best standards,” said Bert Hick, Founder of Rising Tide Consultants. “We live in this incredible province and it’s grown leaps and bounds. From fine dining to a small cafe, we want to help establishments raise the bar so that the level and quality of service is higher than it has ever been. It doesn’t mean products have to be the most expensive or the most refined, it’s just helping to ensure things are executed properly and professionally.”

Rising Tide’s new and unique Beverage Service Program isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, but instead can be tailored to each establishment’s needs, niche and budget. Services can include:

  • Creation and Maintenance of Custom Wine & Beverage Lists
  • Tailor-Made Wine and Food Pairing Lists
  • Creating Pop-Up and Co-Lab Events
  • Licensed Establishment Operations and Training Systems
  • Product Ordering, Delivery and Inventory
  • Custom In-House Seminars and Training

“Not all establishments can afford, or find it worthwhile, to hire an in-house Sommelier,” said Tereza Roux, a certified Sommelier with Rising Tide who is leading the Beverage Service Program. “This program allows establishments (on any budget) to achieve the best levels of service and revenue. British Columbia is on the world stage as one of the tourist meccas to visit. We want all levels of the hospitality industry to be consistent with keeping, and exceeding, the global standards.

“We don’t want to just help with licensing and walk away,” Roux elaborated. “We are thrilled to offer our expert guidance on how establishments can tweak their product menu, factor in current trends and ensure their customer service and presentation is top shelf.”

Hick said Rising Tide’s beverage program is extremely unique as it also ensures compliance and due diligence with the Liquor Branch policies and regulations.

“We don’t see anyone else offering this service,” Hick noted. “We can help educate your front-of-house staff from a Sommelier point of view, ensure inventory is well chosen and maintained, as well as the licensing aspect in terms of knowing what’s going on at the government level.”

Ian Tostenson, President and CEO of the British Columbia Restaurant and Food Services Association, fully supports the initiative.

“This program will be very beneficial for the restaurant industry as we always want to raise the bar of customer service and satisfaction as well helping our businesses through the myriad of compliance requirements,” Tostenson remarked.

The program is initially being launched for food primary and liquor primary establishments.

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