We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a new member to our liquor licensing team! Kimberly Flint joined us on April 1, 2016, and specializes in working with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB), and oversees the registration of SKUs (store keeping units or barcodes) for manufacturers.

Rising Tide works closely with agent and manufacturing applications with the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (BCLCLB). With the requirement that all liquor products bought and sold in BC must be registered with the BCLDB and have SKUs and barcodes, adding Kimberly to the team adds an increased level of expertise for our company.

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch: New services from Rising Tide

Rising Tide’s newest services involve working directly with the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, a department of the BC Liquor Control Board, which is responsible for:

  • Registration of SKUs
  • Agent registration: Agents apply at the BC Liquor Control and Licensing Branch to obtain a licence to represent a product (for example, Diageo represents Crown Royal). To obtain an agent licence in BC, you must also have agreements with, and be approved by, the BCLDB.
  • Processing applications for manufacturing licences: Manufacturers must have an agreement with BCLDB to register their SKUs, and must ensure excise taxes and reporting are also coordinated with the BCLDB.

With Kimberly’s extensive experience, we are growing this area of our services in BC, and offer the following assistance to liquor manufacturers:

  • Our company streamlines the SKU application process with the Liquor Distribution Branch to allow manufactures to focus on their products. Our services also allow companies to focus on the marketing and sale of their products and to work on product placement within the industry, rather than spending time and energy dealing with application forms and proposals with the LDB.
  • We consult on pricing strategies. Pricing strategies with the LDB markup are complex. We guide clients through the process and educate them along the way.
  • Our BC liquor licensing specialists consult throughout the application process. Manufactures and agents are often not aware that another application with the BCLDB is required to allow their products to be sold at Government liquor stores.

As our new Liquor Licensing Specialist, Kimberly’s experience will be instrumental in expanding Rising Tide’s offering to our clients, with the most comprehensive offering of BC liquor licensing services.

About Kimberly Kimberly started in the beer industry in 1998 as a Sales Representative for Oland Specialty Beer Company, the premium division of Labatt Breweries. She then worked the next 13 years for a brewer of fine craft beers.

She started at the brewery primarily as a Territory Manager, and was given the opportunity to learn other facets of the industry. Kimberly was appointed Liquor Control Branch Resident for BC with the British Columbia Liquor Control Branch and handled all administration work for the British Columbia Liquor Distribution Branch, completing all applications on behalf of the brewery.

Her years of experience working with the BCLDB head office have given her a thorough knowledge of Liquor Board head office processes and store-level execution processes. Kimberly works within all current rules and regulations, and ensures that she is up to date with any new legislation.

Welcome to Rising Tide Consultants, Kimberly!

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If you have questions about BC liquor distribution applications, SKU registration, or liquor manufacturing licences, contact us about our comprehensive BC liquor licence application consulting services.

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