Rising Tide Consultants founder, Bert Hick, shared his predictions for the future of retail recreational cannabis distribution with online cannabis news and lifestyle magazine, BotaniQ, in an article entitled “Edge of Tomorrow“. The following is a summary of Mr. Hick’s predictions.

Government and private stores

Cannabis sales in BC will be facilitated through a mix of both government and private stores, with the oversight of cannabis licensing handled in much the same way as it is for BC liquor stores. The security and scrutiny of cannabis retailers will likely be even tighter than it is for liquor sellers.

Cannabis store inspectors

Because of the need to regulate and control the distribution and sale of cannabis, a new type of inspector, a “cannabis store inspector”, will likely emerge within the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, now renamed the BC Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB). The role will probably involve inspection, application oversight and investigation.

Tightening of cannabis store proximity rules

With so many medical marijuana dispensaries, the addition of retail cannabis stores will result in a need for strict rules and oversight over location and proximity to schools and other areas frequented by children.

Cannabis licensing and legislation will evolve

The newness and complexity of legalized cannabis and legal recreational cannabis sales will require ever-evolving laws and regulations, both federally and provincially. There are many unknowns and only time will tell what tweaks to legislation and regulation will be required.

Craft cannabis

Just as craft breweries create signature beers, cannabis sellers may want to create and sell signature cannabis products, especially as it pertains to edibles.

This is the beginning of a new frontier with many changes, challenges and opportunities. Our team is available to answer your questions and assist you with your licencing needs.

Download the BotaniQ article PDF.

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