In response to public pressure and the concerns of business owners across the province, the BC government has just updated BC’s minimum drink prices:

There is a new category for draught beer and cider servings 50 oz. and over with a minimum price of $0.20 per oz. ie: the minimum price of a standard 60 oz. pitcher of beer or cider is $12.

The price for any servings smaller than 50oz (ie: pints, sleeves, etc. remains at $0.25per oz.)

The per-ounce price for spirits has reverted back to $3.00 per oz. Up from the current $2.00 per oz.

For further details, please see the BC government’s press release and infographic detailing the changes.

If you have any questions about this change, please do not hesitate to contact Rising Tide Consultants (604-669-2928).

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