Canada is just days away from legalizing recreational marijuana, and the government has released a list of updated rules about where people won’t be allowed to light up. No smoking or vaping of cannabis will be allowed in indoor public places, come legalization, except in a designated room at assisted living or retirement facilities or hospitals, or in a hotel room by registered guests (although hotels have the right to prohibit). Just like cigarettes, smoking or vaping of cannabis will be banned within six metres of doorways, windows, air intakes of public buildings, bus stops or bus shelters. It will also banned on public patios. Don’t try to light up on any sidewalks or boulevards next to a school property, either, which will also be banned. As will smoking or vaping cannabis in regional and municipal parks – although it will be allowed at designated campsites. No smoking or vaping of cannabis in provincial parks will be permitted either, but the B.C. government says there will be “designated smoking areas.” Read also: Canadian government to study social media to explore ‘public perception’ of cannabis use Just like alcohol, cannabis use will be banned on boats, except when in an assigned enclosed cabin on a commercially operated boat (the operator may still prohibit), or on a “boat with sleeping accommodations, kitchen facilities and a toilet when moored or anchored.” And don’t think about smoking pot while you’re driving, as cannabis use in vehicles will be a big no-no. Although, it will be allowed in motorhomes or other motor vehicles, or campers or trailers when parked off a public road or forest service road where camping is allowed and when being used as a private residence. Anyone found in violation will face similar fines that would apply to liquor and tobacco. Smoking cannabis in a prohibited place will mean a $230 fine, and vaping in a prohibited place will result in a $58 ticket. As the government has previously stated, 1,000 grams of dried cannabis (or equivalent) is the maximum amount an individual will be permitted to possess in “non-public” places, like at home. Read also: Canadian government to study cannabis cyber crime While many universities have opted to ban pot smoking on campus, UBC’s Vancouver campus may allow it everywhere cigarettes can be smoked. Basically, smoking of any kind would be banned indoors, in bus shelters, and near doors and air intakes at its Vancouver campus. On the UBC Okanagan campus, the smoking of tobacco and cannabis would generally prohibited except in the designated smoking gazebos. Students, faculty and staff have an opportunity to provide their input on the proposed policy until Nov. 16 before it is finalized in early 2019. The University of Victoria is also considering allowing pot smoking on campus. But other universities, such as Kwantlen Polytechnic University, have opted to ban all kinds of smoking on its campuses. KPU’s policy states that “holding or smoking lighted tobacco, electronic cigarettes or other related devices that produce smoke by plant-based materials will be prohibited on KPU property.” Most other B.C. universities have, or plan to, enact full-out bans, including BCIT and the University of the Fraser Valley.
Source: Rising Tide Consultants

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