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Liquor Licensing

The process of liquor licensing can be lengthy and confusing. We provide expert advice and guidance on licensing issues to businesses across Canada. 

Brian Orrange Co-owner of Patina Brewing Co. and Owner of Orrange Kitchen+Bar

The expert team at Rising Tide has been invaluable in what can be the difficult task of dealing with the liquor board. Rising Tide was instrumental in helping our team at Patina Brewing Co. obtain both our Manufacturing License and Food Primary License. I could not imagine navigating this maze without them.

Diamond Karim Coal Harbour Liquor Store

Rising Tide Consultants has the insight and experience to manage all our licensing requirements in a timely, professional way. They are pro-active and very prompt.

We help you minimize risk and plan the right strategic steps for properly completing your liquor license application for the following:

A licensed establishment where the service of food is the primary focus of the business.

A business that sells liquor for on-site consumption. i.e. bars, stadiums, theatres, aircraft, etc..

A business that manufactures liquor products, i.e. beer, wine, spirits, cider and coolers.

A person or business that represents a manufacturer of liquor located outside the province.

An establishment that has an association with a liquor manufacturer or agent that is likely to lead to its products being favoured for sale, i.e. a brewery and restaurant owned by the same licensee wanting to promote their own products.

We also provide services on the following changes to a license:

Making changes, other than a cosmetic change, to a currently approved floor plan, requires a structural change application, e.g. a patio addition.

These include: Changes to Establishment Name, Change of Hours, Patron Participation Entertainment endorsements, Adding Licensee Representatives and Third-Party Operators.

Extensions to a licensed area, extension of hours, location changes and temporary suspension of a license.

Required for individuals, businesses or not-for-profit organizations wishing to host an event in a public place. These include: family gatherings, private functions, community festivals and manufacturer tastings. The SEP allows a host to serve or sell liquor in accordance with BC’s liquor laws and regulations. Event hosts are considered liquor permit holders and are therefore responsible for the safety of their guests.

Transfer of Ownership, Internal/External Share Transfers, Dormancy and Reinstatements.

Rising Tide Consultants Policy and Procedures Manual®

A customized Policy & Procedures Manual help businesses avoid licensee fines and suspensions. We work with you to design a manual that is specific to your individual needs.

As a Licensee, if your establishment receives a Notice of Enforcement Action, i.e. over capacity or service to a minor, you must decide very quickly whether to acknowledge the enforcement and pay the prescribed consequence OR challenge it.
In either event, you must seriously consider the operational policy and procedural changes that need to be made as a result of the Enforcement Action. Rising Tide Consultants provides guidance and advice on compliance and enforcement issues and recommendations on ways to  protect your business.

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