Edna Lizotte

Manager of Licensing
Manager of Licensing

Meet Edna.

Edna is our Manager of Licensing and guru of policy framework, government regulations, and all things licensing.  She has worked with hundreds of clients on some of the most complex licensing projects and excels in her knowledge of the rules that help clients succeed in their project goals.   Edna has worked at Rising Tide Consultants for 7 years and loves how the company is able to help clients with navigate the challenging landscape around licensing.  “I enjoy the project management aspect of taking a project from start to finish and getting our clients the best possible licensing for their establishment.”

Edna is an honest and punctual team member who loves a challenge, and an excellent leader and expert in her field. She is determined and decisive and always strives to identify and develop opportunities for clients. “I’m a fun loving and friendly person that enjoys getting out and experiencing life.”

In her spare time, Edna enjoys spending time with family and friends, whether that be binging a new series, watching a movie, meeting in a pub, or getting out for an adventure.  She is a huge fan of the written word and spends much of her personal time with her head in a book.

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