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Business Opportunities

Rising Tide Consultants also helps clients with new Business Development opportunities. In the course of our liquor and cannabis licensing work, we often become aware of opportunities our clients may want to pursue as new acquisitions.

These include:
• Private liquor stores
• Private cannabis stores
• Potential locations for cannabis or liquor retail stores
• Restaurants and pubs
• Third-party operations

We are working with several clients and associates with liquor and/or cannabis stores with locations for sale. We also know of licensed Food Primary and Liquor Primary establishments either for sale, or seeking a third-party operator. We work closely with commercial realtors and legal counsel with respect to these opportunities.

Clients can be assured that Rising Tide Consultants will exercise proper due diligence when advising them of the feasibility of a proposed licensed establishment from both provincial and local government perspectives.

Please contact us if you are interested in a free consultation to discuss new opportunities.

Current Opportunities

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