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Cannabis Licensing

Non-medical (recreational) cannabis became legal in Canada in October 2018 and edibles became legal in October 2019. Ever since, we’ve been assisting clients with the complex and in-depth application process at all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal).

Barinder Rasode Growtech

Cannabis licensing policies and its complex regulations can be an overwhelming and confusing process. I have been working with Bert Hick and his team for many years and he has provided outstanding strategic licensing advice. His team is extremely knowledgeable, and his professional services make every detail along the way smooth and effective. His staff is always available to provide the best support and expertise as well. We highly recommend their services to the Cannabis industry.

Brian Riedlinger Sailor Hagar's Brewpub and Liquor Store and 1st Cannabis Store

I am very happy with the work that Rising Tide did for our new Cannabis Company. They helped us in acquiring a license for both the Provincial and Municipal levels of Government. I would recommend their services for anyone facing challenges in the Liquor or Cannabis Industry.

Matthew Greenwood Co-owner, Up In Smoke Cannabis Store

The Rising Tide team was instrumental in our process going from applicant to licensee. Their attention to detail ensured a quick process and their preparation of the documentation was instrumental for us to be one of the fastest Legacy occupants through the system. We are grateful for their assistance!

The cannabis application requirements and process are lengthy and can be overwhelming. Our team ensures your application is complete and accurate, and is submitted to the appropriate government offices in a timely manner.

  • Cannabis Retail Store – authorized to sell non-medical cannabis products (dried flower, edibles, oils, capsules, etc.) and cannabis accessories (bongs, papers, vape pens, etc.). At this time, Licensees can only sell federally approved cannabis products distributed by the cannabis distribution branch. 
  • Standard Cultivation License – Grow cannabis on a large scale and allows for the production of dried, fresh, plants and seeds.
  • Micro-Cultivation License – Grow cannabis on a small scale (less than 200m2 growing surface) and allows for the production of dried, fresh, plants and seeds.
  • Standard Processing License – Make cannabis products on a large scale and allows for the manufacturing of packaged cannabis products.
  • Micro-Processing License – Make cannabis products on a small scale (using ≤ 600kg dried cannabis in a calendar year) and allows for the manufacturing of packaged cannabis products (ie: flower, edibles, oils, etc.)

Nursery License – Grow cannabis for starting material (ie: plants and seeds) and allows for the production of plants, and seeds in an area that is less than 50 m2.

Analytical Testing License – Testing and Third Party testing of cannabis

Research Licence – Allows for research and development with cannabis.

Rising Tide Consultants Standard Operations and Procedures Manual®

We’ll customize a set of step-by-step instructions for your staff so they will achieve efficiency, quality output and uniformity of performance, while reducing miscommunication and failure to comply with industry regulations.

 Rising Tide Consultants will provide you with guidance and advice on compliance and enforcement issues and recommendations on how to proceed through the proper course of advice to protect your business.

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